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The solar geyser uses clean and environmental heat pipe tube to offer convenience to the households. As we all know, the electric equipments are easy to go wrong after a long period of time, especially for some low cost solar geysers, so the maintenance of the solar geyser is necessary. And the knowledge of the solar geyser accessories is useful in the middle of the maintenance.

The controller is the heart of the whole solar geyser accessories. And the functions of moisturizing, heat preservation as well as electrical heating are all controlled by the controller. Therefore, the quality of the controller decides the normal running of the solar geyser. And the controller has been divided into three parts, the semi-automatic controller, full-automatic controller and full intelligent controller. And semi-automatic controller has two kinds, direct current and alternating current. It has the features of simple structure as well as low cost solar geyser. And the full intelligent controller consists of main engine sensor and magnetic valves. Except for above functions, the full intelligent controller also has the functions of intelligent heating, timing heating, intelligent water supply, timing water supply as well as backup data for power fail.

The working principle of the solar water heater china is that fill macromolecule conductive plastics or fluororubber as the core of the tapes between two parallel wires. And the macromolecule conductive plastics or fluororubber is the framework of the basis material. And the inorganic conductor padding is the conductive network that the electricity carrier forms inside of the insulator. After the power is connected, the current passes through one wire to another wire through the core of the tape to form the loop. And heat of the core of the tape maintains the smooth of the pipes. This kind of macromolecule conductive plastics or fluororubber will swell after heated to break part of the electricity network gradually. The less the current passes, the less the heat value is. When the temperature rises to some certain range, the current and temperature are relatively stable. When the temperature is low, the core of the tape will shrink, leading to the increase of the electricity and rise of the temperature. From the point of view of current market, the quality of the heat tapes cannot satisfy the need of the solar energy industries, while the superconductive pipes have good stability with some limits.

What's more, there are up and down water pipe, thermostatic valve as well as booster pump, which all are important solar geyser accessories. And water pipes are used to deliver the hot water, and the thermostatic valve is to control the temperature of the solar geyser, while the booster pump is to improve the whole performance and functions of the solar geyser.- See more about solar water heater products at: